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Grow your audience with
At Google, we help grow your
audience by connecting you with
new users. We introduced the +1
button so your site would stand
out on search and your users
could easily share your content
on Google+. But, sometimes you
want to join the conversation and
post content directly to where
people are sharing.
Today we’re introducing Google
+ for Business, a collection of
tools and products that help you
grow your audience. At the core
of this is Google+ Pages, your
site’s identity on Google+.
Google+ Pages: Have real
conversations with the right
To get your site on Google+,
you first need to create a Google
+ Page. On your page, you can
engage in conversations with
your visitors, direct readers back
to your site for the latest
updates, send tailored messages
to specific groups of people,
and see how many +1’s you
have across the web. Google+
Pages will help you build
relationships with your users,
encouraging them to spend
more time engaging with your
Google+ Pages are at the heart
of Google+ for Business
Sometimes you might want to
chat with your users face-to-
face. For example, if you run a
food blog, you may want to
invite a chef to talk about her
favorite recipe, or if you manage
a fashion review site, beauty
specialists might want to hold
how-to sessions with makeup
tips. Hangouts make this easy,
by letting you have high-quality
video chats with nine people with
a single click. You can use
Hangouts to hold live forums,
break news or simply get to
know people better, all in real
Hangouts let you meet your
customers, face-to-face
Circles allow you to group
followers of your Page into
smaller audiences. You can then
share specific messages with
specific groups. For example,
you could create a Circle
containing your most loyal
readers and offer them exclusive
The Google+ badge: Grow
your audience on Google+
To help your users find your
page and start sharing, there are
two buttons you can add to your
site by visiting our Google+
badge configuration tool:
The Google+ icon, a small icon
that directly links to your Page.
The Google+ badge, which we’re
introducing in the coming days.
This badge lets people add your
page to their circles without
leaving your site, and allows
them to get updates from your
site via Google+.
Extend the power of +1,
stand out in Google search
You can also link your site to
your Google+ page so that all
your +1s -- from your Page,
your website, and search results
-- will get tallied together and
appear as a single total. Potential
visitors will be more likely to see
the recommendations your site
has received, whether they’re
looking at a search result, your
website, or your Page, meaning
your +1’s will reach not only the
40 million users of Google+, but
all the people who come to
Google every day. You can link
your site to your Page either
using the Google+ badge or
with a piece of code. To set this
up, visit our Google+ badge
configuration tool.
Bringing Google+ to the rest
of Google
Our ultimate vision for Google+
is to transform the overall
Google experience -- weaving
identity and sharing into all of
our products. Beginning today,
we’re rolling out a new
experimental feature to a small
group of eligible publishers,
Google+ Direct Connect -- an
easy way for your audience to
find your Google+ Page on
Google search. If you’ve linked
your Page to your site and you
qualify, when someone searches
for your website’s name with the
‘+’ sign before it Direct Connect
will send them directly to your
Page. For example, try searching
for ‘+YouTube’ on Google.
Users will also be prompted to
automatically add Pages they
find through Direct Connect to
their circles.
Direct Connect suggestions start
populating as you type on
Just the beginning
We want to help you get your
site on Google+ as soon as
possible, so we’re opening the
field trial for Google+ Pages to
everyone today. Creating a
Google+ Page only takes a few
minutes. To get started, you’ll
need a personal Google+
profile. If you don’t have a
Google account, it’s very quick
and easy to join. And if you’re
looking for inspiration, check out
some of the sites that are
already starting to set up their
To learn more about how
Google+ works for your site,
check out the Google+ Your
Business site. We’re just getting
started, and have many more
features planned for the coming
weeks and months. To keep up
to date on the latest news and
tips, add the Google+ Your
Business page to your circles. If
you have ideas on how we can
improve Google+ for your site,
we’d love to hear them.

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